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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Card making tips for beginners.



Applying Images to Cards

If images have been stamped onto paper or cardstock prior to being attached to the card, they need to be attached to the card so that the end result looks well designed. Giving the paper or cardstock a patterned edge can help give a professional finish. This can be achieved in different ways:
·                                 Tearing paper gives a textured edge and this can be colored to complement the finished design.
                                Scissors that cut leaving a patterned edge are available in many styles and these are a uuseful way to add pattern in a uniform way.


A good color scheme can help create the perfect card. Some basic principles such as using pastel colors for babies are ways of defining a design for the card. Color can be added in a number of ways including using colored paper or cardstock and coloring images. Chalks, inks and marker pens are all good ways of adding color to a stamped image and produce different finished effects:
·                                 Chalks: These give gentle coloring and are good where subtle or muted shades are required.
·                                 Inks: Some inks can be used as paints and can be painted on to images.. The colors can be diluted to produce light colors or used straight from the pad for deeper shades.
·                                 Marker Pens: Special marker pens can be purchased for coloring stamped images, although normal marker pens work well too. These give rich colors in vibrant shades.
·                                 Embossing: Embossing powders are available in a wide range of colors and bring a professional touch to cards. Subtle effects can be achieved by clear embossing powder over a clear ink as this slightly deepens the color of the cardstock.

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