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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Wow! I made some money online.

Make money online-----------So very very easy

“Wow! I made some money online.” This was my reaction when I made few cents within a day using It is impossible to forget that moment because it was the first time I made some money online. That motivated me and since then I have made hundreds of dollars online.. In this post I am going to present you a detailed review on or commonly called as Adfly.
 Keep reading because it will become a new online money making source for you.

What is

So the first question that comes to your mind is “What is” so let's start discussing about is website that pays you money every time someone clicks on your shortened links.

Still Confused? Let me Explain. is an URL shortening service similar to
1.         You input a link on For example “”
2. shortens it and gives you a links “”
3.         You share the shortened link anywhere on the web.
4.         Someone clicks on your link i.e. on “”
There is twist now. Before redirecting to “” will show an ad to your visitor. He had to see the advertisement for at least 5 seconds and then he can continue to your link i.e. “”. 

How works?

However I have provided you an overview of the working of, there are some questions left why pays you and how itself make money. To make it more clear let us take an example. Think of an advertiser who wants to sell his product or promote his online business. So he want more visitors to see his business or buy his product: is the solution for the advertiser. Let's check out the complete working of
1.         Advertiser pays money to Adfly to show his website to visitors of any specific country or the whole world. Let’s say advertiser paid $2 for 1000 visits.
2.         Adfly takes a cut. Let’s say Adfly takes $0.4.
3.         Adfly shows the advertisement (of advertiser's business or product) for 5 seconds when a visitor clicks on publisher’s links. Publisher gets rest of $1.6 for 1000 visits on his link.
Now you have the complete idea of the working of Let’s turn to the question “Is a scam?” Legit or Scam? is not a scam; there are several points that prove it.
1.         It was started on 2009. It is seven years now as of 2016. Only legit sites can live for so much of time.
2.         According to Alexa, Adfly is among the top 100 websites of the world. Can you ever think of a scam site in the top 100 websites of the world?
3.         It has more than 2 million users registered which prove that a famous and legit site.
4.         They always pay on time.
5.         And the payment proof paid to me by below, proves it to be legit.

Source: Review 2016: A Legit Way to Make Money Shortening Links | Top Blog Money 

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