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Saturday, 6 October 2012

new sections added today--------beautiful cards

Beatrix Potter. Christmas and all occasions. (NEW) This Beatrix Potter section has cards for Christmas and all other occasions. Beatrix Potter is a favourite with the younger children today and spans the generations of years gone by. This section is for everyone young and not so young! All the cards have been individually designed and alot of time has been taken in the making of them. I hope you like them. More will be added in the next few weeks. Please let me know if you would like one custom made for you. Susan

Friday, 5 October 2012

We need each other

Double your money with our products We are setting up a distribution network for our unique handcrafted cards Our price for each card is on the website given below ---- that price is reduced by 50% for YOU if you either stock these in your retail outlet or sell them online. What you charge for them is a matter for you—you can make as much profit as you want, we have already give you 50% !! We need as many outlets/stockists as possible and the further we spread geographically the better. The joining fee for this agency is a ONE TIME $10. To make the arrangement even sweeter for you, we will refund you $5 on your first order. We will give you an agent ID and any people who join as a result of your marketing efforts, will earn you $5 for each person you recruit. Not only do you make money selling the cards, you make money referring too. Take a look at our website and think about the great potential there is for us both Website is Non UK transactions of which we hope there are many , will be through Paypal Your referral commissions will also be paid via Paypal Sign up and pay the joining fee now---you will soon get it back with interest !! Paypal address is These are not ordinary cards, they are very special and anyone that receives one will be delighted There is only ONE of each See you soon Brian James