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Monday, 28 March 2016

It is Free-------no strings attached

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It is Free-------no strings attached

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

If you are craft orientated or like making cards and other crafty things

Follow my New Blog if you are craft orientated or like making cards and other crafty things

A big welcome to you from a dull Lincolnshire.
 My name is Sue and I have been a full time teacher for 23 years until a few years ago when I decided to go part-time and have a little time to myself and my interests and hobbies. 
In my younger days, I studied Art and Graphic Design as my main subjects at Teachers Training College, so card making was a natural progression many years later when I had the opportunity to devote some of my time to art and graphics in the form of card making. 
I started card making comparatively recently and found that my College background subjects were ideally suited to this. After a few months of making cards and receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends, family and associates, I decided to set up this website and turn my talents in to hopefully earning me some money. I intend to donate some of my earnings from this venture to Charity, the major one being the Cats Protection League as I have 6 cats of my own at present .

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Easy Handmade Gifts

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Easy Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are gifts that can be made by people who are talented or by grade school children before they get appreciation.  Actually, there are easy items that can be transformed into great gifts for loved ones, whether it is the holiday season or special occasions.

During special times of the year, we always think of how to make our relatives happy, that it gets so tempting to spend all your carefully saved money.  Making personal gifts for your friends and family not only shows how you appreciate them but also saves you from overspending and budget deficit.

Things that we usually do, that we find uninteresting, can be transformed into great gift ideas.  Here are some great handmade gifts that you can try:

• Food gifts

Giving foods as gifts is a great way of sharing your great palate with family and friends.  You can bake cookies or bread and wrap it creatively, and those would receive it would be touched with the gesture.  You can wrap then with fabric and ribbon or just pick -out a very creative-looking container for the goodies.  You can even add the recipe with wrapping.

Another food gift would be preserved or home-canned fruits and vegetables.  If you are somebody with produce of your own, then there are things that you can do with your harvest to make them suitable for gift-giving.  Or your can just buy organic produce in the market and home can them.

• Crafts gifts

There are many crafted items that you can give.  You can make ornaments, if it is during the holidays, then decorative gift baskets would be great.  This would showcase your creativity and skill.

It could even be bath salts and oils.  They may sound very luxurious but actually there are very easy to make.  You just need to buy some important ingredients.  There are easy steps to follow that you can find in craft books, over the internet, and other sources.   When making bath salts, you just need Epsom salts and sea salts.

You can add the oils that would give your bath salts the scent that you want. Bath oils are also very easy to make.  You just need carrier oil and the essential oil of the scent that you want.  Gradually mix the two oils together until the desired scent in reached.  You can transfer the oils to the bottles or jars that you have picked out.

Same as food gifts, decoration is the key to make your gift attractive and pleasant.  You can get decorating bottles and jars to put the items inside and you can even decorate it with ribbons.

• Plants

If you have a lot of plants at home, then these would be great gift ideas.   You can arrange fresh or died flowers and plants as gifts.  Furthermore, there are some people who would get one of their most beautiful plants in the garden and transfer it into  pot and giving it as a gift.

The idea that a precious plant given to somebody to care for and enjoy it, is something very touching and very special.

• Letter writing

How does it feel when you receive a letter on your birthday saying how important you are to them?  It can be very touching.  You can write the letter in Italic or even learn calligraphy to make it more creative and beautiful.  It would not just make the gift appreciated but the giver as well.

There could be hundreds of handmade gift ideas, you just to translate these ideas into creative outputs.  Handmade gifts not only allow you to save your bucks, it also makes the receiver feel the effort, time and warmth conveyed in the personal and handmade gifts.  How great it is to receive something born out of your loved one’s hands?

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A wonderful, untapped method to promote your website is by the use of article marketing.

Hi my friends

Crafts – hobby or business? The only real identifier on that question is whether or not your run your business like a business. Are you in it for the profit? Or do you just enjoy creating your crafts?
Many crafters run successful online businesses. Website photo galleries show a wide variety of crafts; and e-commerce makes purchasing easy. The trick is to let others know that you and your crafts exist.
A wonderful, untapped method to promote your website is by the use of article marketing. Obviously you have some talent else you would not have the ability to create such beautiful pieces. Share your expertise with others, and in return you’ll realize increased traffic to your website.
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But what could you write about, right? Pause for a moment and think about what you know, or what you didn’t always know, but because of what you learned you are now able to produce better, faster, prettier crafts?
Does it matter what kind of yarn you use? Write about the selection process. Will just any old sewing machine do? Or would other models make your life easier? Perhaps you’re an expert on craft show displays. Write about it.
Is there some gadget that makes creating your crafts so much easier? Others would like to hear about it. Write about the intrinsic value that goes along with gifting a gift that was produced with your own hands – out of love. Write about family heirlooms. Write about creating memories that will last for decades to come.
You have something valuable to say – and others want to hear it!