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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Jewelry making secrets

Jewelry making secrets

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Are you a jewelry fanatic? Are you a fan of beaded, gems, or even gold and silver jewelries? Then this book will be just perfect for you.  In this book everything about jewelry making will be tackled, from materials, tips and even some guidance to avoid mistake in jewelry making. Many jewelry creator and business people have testified that this book is very useful and that readers will surely gain a lot of things by simply owning this book.

You will learn a lot about irresistible jewelries. You will learn and understand tips, ways and even the name of good brand of materials to use in making your jewelries fantastic. You will also learn all the important simple jewelry-making techniques. By learning these techniques, you will be able to make your jewelries in no time which will result in one superb jewelries that you can be proud of. You will also know how the implementing designs ideas, trends to jewelry making works. This will help you a lot in making your own jewelry designs.

You will get to know how to the right and unique ways of decorating your jewelry and beads. This type of jewelry is very much common today and in the fashion too. In every how to’s there is common jewelry making mistakes to avoid guaranteeing the outstanding result of your jewelries. This section is very much appreciated by jewelry designers and makers. Many have already link back to on their own websites to gather more readers and novice jewelry makers all over the world.

This extraordinary book about making jewelry will also teach you on how to make bracelets and necklaces. You will know the different kinds of bracelets and necklaces and even the significance of it on each country they originated from. You will learn many tips and ways on how to make beautiful and eye catching bracelets and necklaces. Now, if you are looking for something to give to your best friend, then this book will be really useful. You will also learn how to make friendship bracelets using colorful materials.

By referring to this book about jewelry making often, you’d soon become an expert jewelry maker yourself. You can learn all the jewelry making instructions that will help you create stunning pieces. You can even use this as your reference guide if you are planning to expand your knowledge and start your own jewelry business. Because the book offers a lot of techniques about  jewelry making such as knotting jewelry which happens to be very in demand design in the market today. So what are you waiting for, come and but this amazing book and you’d soon find yourself humming into the world of jewelry making industry which can brings you a lot of money in the future.

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Friday, 29 January 2016

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Monday, 25 January 2016


It's been said that trying to quit smoking is harder to do then nearly any other addictive drug, and unless you've been a heavy smoker for many years and have tried to kick the habit, this may seem like a bit of a reach.

In reality, it is extremely hard to quit and if you've been a heavy smoker for most of your life, it may even feel like the most challenging process you ever go through.
In  most  cases  those  trying  to  quit  will  be unsuccessful for the first few tries, in fact, for many
it has taken up to 20 different attempts before they were finally able to eliminate smoking from their lives for good.
But here's the thing: Even if you have been a heavy smoker for most of your life, you CAN quit smoking. What it requires however is a reprogramming of the way your mind works, and how certain triggers cause you to light up more frequently.
For many smokers, the hardest part when it comes to quitting is in breaking the actual habits that are part of every smokerʼs lifestyle.

The habit of lighting up after a full meal, early morning smoking, or smoking when drinking coffee.
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Friday, 22 January 2016



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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Great Handmade Gifts For Home

Great Handmade Gifts For Home 

Most gift givers today prefer handmade gifts over the traditional ones because they feel that these exude sincerity and effort. For those who are planning to give gifts that can help one to beautify his or her home, there are so many handmade gift options for you to choose from.

Practical handmade gifts for home 

Home décor accessories are the most common handmade gifts that people can give for those who love decorating their homes. This is because these will help the receiver in decorating their homes the easier and more practical way. How? If they will be receiving gifts from people that they can use, they can finalize the list of home accessories that they will be needing. This list is very important for the receiver because it will be easier for him or her to organize things inside the home once they start decorating.

For gift-givers, the following are some of the major handmade home décor and accessories that will help the receiver to have a house that is more organized and great looking:

- pillows. In living rooms and bedrooms, pillows indeed take a great part in the overall look of the house. This is because pillows soften empty corners of the bed as well of the chairs and sofas. The impact will be so much better if these are handmade. Today, there are so many types of pillows available in the market, you can choose from solid pillows, striped pillows, patterned pillows, floral pillows, floor pillows, rectangular pillows, and outdoor pillows depending on the personality and the needs of the receiver so you should consider these very well.

- handmade candlelight set. This is a considered as one of the most romantic home décor accessories out there because they give soft and cozy feel in the house once use for their purpose. Today, handmade candlelight sets are the trend because they are more sophisticated and unique. If you choose this as a gift, you should consider coming up with matching candleholders, candles, and candle coasters.

- unique handmade vases. Categorized into tabletop, floor, bud, and accent, vases play a very big role in the beautification of one's home because each kind can highlight a certain part of the house and make it more appealing to people living inside the house and to visitors as well. Aside from holding flowers and other things inside the home, vases can also serve as decorative and artistic pieces. If you are giving this as a gift, consider the handmade ones from exotic places because these are indeed unique and very sentimental.

- wall décors. Whether it is framed or custom art, metal, or native, wall decors play an important role in making the house livelier because they fill empty walls and make them more pleasant to the eye. There are so many handmade wall decors available in the market today. These can be more appealing since they tend to be unique when it comes to style, material, and texture.

- handmade native baskets. Although they might seem minor, baskets—especially the native and handmade ones—are significant home décor accessories because they serve as organizers. Since they hold almost everything and keep them in place, baskets of any kind should be present in any home.

- handmade area rugs. These play a major role in any home decoration because it serves as a main highlight in various parts of the house. Today, there are so many styles of area rugs that you can choose from depending on the need, taste, and preference of people.

If you are giving these a handmade gift, consider choosing handmade braided rugs, oriental tugs, Persian rugs, contemporary rugs, or character rugs depending on the taste of the receiver.


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Sunday, 10 January 2016

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Saturday, 9 January 2016



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Friday, 8 January 2016

Easy Handmade Gifts

Easy Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are gifts that can be made by people who are talented or by grade school children before they get appreciation.  Actually, there are easy items that can be transformed into great gifts for loved ones, whether it is the holiday season or special occasions.

During special times of the year, we always think of how to make our relatives happy, that it gets so tempting to spend all your carefully saved money.  Making personal gifts for your friends and family not only shows how you appreciate them but also saves you from overspending and budget deficit.

Things that we usually do, that we find uninteresting, can be transformed into great gift ideas.  Here are some great handmade gifts that you can try:

• Food gifts

Giving foods as gifts is a great way of sharing your great palate with family and friends.  You can bake cookies or bread and wrap it creatively, and those would receive it would be touched with the gesture.  You can wrap then with fabric and ribbon or just pick -out a very creative-looking container for the goodies.  You can even add the recipe with wrapping.

Another food gift would be preserved or home-canned fruits and vegetables.  If you are somebody with produce of your own, then there are things that you can do with your harvest to make them suitable for gift-giving.  Or your can just buy organic produce in the market and home can them.

• Crafts gifts

There are many crafted items that you can give.  You can make ornaments, if it is during the holidays, then decorative gift baskets would be great.  This would showcase your creativity and skill.

It could even be bath salts and oils.  They may sound very luxurious but actually there are very easy to make.  You just need to buy some important ingredients.  There are easy steps to follow that you can find in craft books, over the internet, and other sources.   When making bath salts, you just need Epsom salts and sea salts.

You can add the oils that would give your bath salts the scent that you want. Bath oils are also very easy to make.  You just need carrier oil and the essential oil of the scent that you want.  Gradually mix the two oils together until the desired scent in reached.  You can transfer the oils to the bottles or jars that you have picked out.

Same as food gifts, decoration is the key to make your gift attractive and pleasant.  You can get decorating bottles and jars to put the items inside and you can even decorate it with ribbons.

• Plants

If you have a lot of plants at home, then these would be great gift ideas.   You can arrange fresh or died flowers and plants as gifts.  Furthermore, there are some people who would get one of their most beautiful plants in the garden and transfer it into  pot and giving it as a gift.

The idea that a precious plant given to somebody to care for and enjoy it, is something very touching and very special.

• Letter writing

How does it feel when you receive a letter on your birthday saying how important you are to them?  It can be very touching.  You can write the letter in Italic or even learn calligraphy to make it more creative and beautiful.  It would not just make the gift appreciated but the giver as well.

There could be hundreds of handmade gift ideas, you just to translate these ideas into creative outputs.  Handmade gifts not only allow you to save your bucks, it also makes the receiver feel the effort, time and warmth conveyed in the personal and handmade gifts.  How great it is to receive something born out of your loved one’s hands?

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Handmade Gift Perfect For Friends

Hi there

Am going to talk today about Handmade gifts for friends

A Handmade Gift Perfect For Friends 

The trend of giving handmade gifts is not only limited to special occasions these days. In fact, it is becoming a common practice to people who would just want to give another person something special because that person truly matters to him or her.

If you are one of those who would want to give somebody, say a friend, something special because he or she helped you in any way possible, now is the time to consider what type of handmade gift you can give him or her. If you don’t have much of an artistic knack, the simplest thing that you can come up with is an elastic friendship bracelet as a "thank you." These are bangles or "wristlets" that are used as a piece of fashion accessory but in this case, these can be worn by your friend to symbolize the friendship that you both have.

The good thing about this is that it will not only help you save money by buying cheap materials for the bracelet but can also serve as a bonding activity for both of you. Aside from that, the process of making the bracelet itself is fun and easy. While doing the items, you and your friend can squeeze out your creative juices and each other to explore different possibilities of the craft.

Getting started 

Before doing this activity, the first thing that you need to do is to ask your friend if he or she has time to do this activity with you. If she or he agrees, then make sure that your friend will be a part of the entire process such as choosing the materials, the designs, as well as the dominant colors to be used. The following are step-by-step process of making a handmade friendship bracelet:

1. Get the supplies needed. The first step in making the friendship bracelet is to buy the supplies needed which include sets of colourful beads of your or your friend's  choice, elastic nylon string, a pair of scissors, glue gun, pieces of glue stick, tape measure or ruler, and a round nose pliers if you choose to add locks and other metal items in the bracelet. You can find old stuff in your house or buy these in the crafts store nearby.

2. Designate tasks. Once you have all the materials that you need, designate your tasks. You can ask your friend to segregate pieces of beads according to his or her preference. Or to make the process faster, you can segregate bead pieces by yourself. Next is to come up with a bracelet design and draw in on a piece of paper. Here, you can ask your friend to come up with his or her design and incorporate it with yours.

3. Start with the process. After which, get the elastic nylon. Using a tape measure or a ruler cut the string according to your desired length with a pair of scissor. Then, gather the beads that your have segregated and selected earlier and start stringing the beads into the elastic string. After that, knot the two ends of the string after you threaded the beads in it. Make sure to tie the final knot twice so it will not loosen up. Cut the excess nylon string using a scissor. To make sure that the ends would not loosen up, you can put glue on the knots and flatten it with round nose pliers.

Now, you have just finished a special handmade gift that you can give to your friend as a "thank you" gift and as a remembrance as well.

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Get some lovely craft goodies FREE when you join us

Get some lovely craft goodies  FREE when you join us
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

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