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Monday, 25 January 2016


It's been said that trying to quit smoking is harder to do then nearly any other addictive drug, and unless you've been a heavy smoker for many years and have tried to kick the habit, this may seem like a bit of a reach.

In reality, it is extremely hard to quit and if you've been a heavy smoker for most of your life, it may even feel like the most challenging process you ever go through.
In  most  cases  those  trying  to  quit  will  be unsuccessful for the first few tries, in fact, for many
it has taken up to 20 different attempts before they were finally able to eliminate smoking from their lives for good.
But here's the thing: Even if you have been a heavy smoker for most of your life, you CAN quit smoking. What it requires however is a reprogramming of the way your mind works, and how certain triggers cause you to light up more frequently.
For many smokers, the hardest part when it comes to quitting is in breaking the actual habits that are part of every smokerʼs lifestyle.

The habit of lighting up after a full meal, early morning smoking, or smoking when drinking coffee.
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