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Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Craft Fairs

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Selling items at a craft fair is a great way to get your products noticed and drum up new business.
Here are a few ideas for attracting potential customers to your space.
A lot of crafters sell their handicrafts at fairs in their community. This is a great way to get noticed and it is a great environment for making sales because people come to the fair expecting to purchase handmade items. If you have decided to try attending a craft fair with your homemade goods or you have been attending craft fairs for years and you would like to boost your sales, there are a lot of ways to do this. The most important thing you can do at an event like this is to attract people to your space. If your sales area is lacklustre, people may just pass it by and not even take time to look at what you have made. You could have the best item at the fair, but if people do not take the time to browse, nobody will ever know they want to buy from you. Attracting people is easy if you use a few eye-catching tricks. Consider offering a drawing or a chance to win some of your products for free. You can place a sweepstakes entry box on your table and show off the items that are winnable, luring people to your space with the prospect of getting something for free. Promotional displays like this, really make a difference in how well you do at fairs.

Another option is to create lighting that is interesting and fun. This highlights your product and your sales area. While it may not lure people over based on their interest in anything specific, it will be eye-catching and get everyone's attention. If your sales space looks attractive, you stand a better chance at making sales.

One of the best ways to grab the attention of people who may otherwise pass you by is to have a performance in your space. This may not be an ongoing thing, but you can temporarily attract attention and then everyone will be talking about what happened near your space. For instance, you could have your child or a few children put on a dance performance near your space. People will stop to watch and after, may take a moment to view your items.

Finally, remember everyone's sweet tooth. Offer candy or baked goods at your booth and people will come from all over the fair to get a treat. This is a great way to pull people in, engage them in conversation and get them buying. People love getting treat for free and it often ends in sales.

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