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Friday, 14 August 2015

Tips for making great Christmas Cards

Hi------these are some of my cards for the guys

Click the link further down the page to see them all

Tips for making great Christmas Cards

Beautiful handmade cards can be created with the minimal amount of equipment or expertise. Rubber stamps are ideal for creating special handmade cards. Even a complete beginner can create lovely handmade card that are bound to be much appreciated. One of the keys to making a great handmade card is to keep it personal. Regardless of how technically good a card is - it is the ones with the little extra personal touch that will always be remembered!

What Makes a Great Handmade Card?

Handmade cards are special because they are made by hand! Most people are touched and flattered by the fact that someone has put stamp to paper to create a special card. The fact that someone has taken time out of a busy schedule to actually make a card is always appreciated.

So, all handmade cards are special, but what actually makes a handmade card GREAT? There are many answers to this! A great card incorporates a little extra thought. Don't worry if you don't have the latest stamps - or top of the range inks, what really matters is creating a card specially for the recipient.

Keep it Simple!

It is so tempting to adorn a card with lots of embellishments – however when making a handmade card, often less is more. A very elegant card can be achieved by placing a small stamped image onto a card blank and adding a simple message. Adding lots of extra embellishments will detract from the design of the card.

Add a Border

A simple border will really 'finish' a handmade card.
It is possible to buy ready cut frames that can be used to frame stamped or other images. If you are attaching an image to a card that has been stamped onto paper, adding a frame will disguise any cut edges. Printable borders are ideal for using with rubber stamps to make quick Christmas cards

Pick a Great Greeting

A very simple rubber stamped image and a thoughtful greeting will create a lovely card. Greetings are a great way to make a card special. This is also perfect for personalizing cards. The same card can be used and personalized for different recipients by changing the sentiment or adding a few special words.

Hope you like them

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