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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Card Making Tips for Beginners

Here are some ideas to get you started

Making Hand Stamped Cards

Many rubber stampers enjoy using their stamping skills to make greeting cards. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, births and many other special dates can all be marked with a special hand stamped greeting card. In addition to this there are numerous other occasions when a card is much appreciated such as simple 'thinking of you' cards through to the more unusual 'on your divorce'.

Great Project for Beginners

Making rubber stamped greeting cards are an excellent project for beginners. They present an ideal opportunity to practice new techniques or use a range of different stamps and they also are a wonderful way to produce one of a kind cards which cost much less than their store bought alternatives. Making greetings cards isn't difficult and a beginner can produce some lovely cards given very little in the way of special equipment or fancy techniques. Here are some tips to help beginners plan their first greeting card projects.

Stamping Technique

The image can be stamped directly onto the card or stamped onto paper or cardstock first. There are advantages to both techniques and the choice will largely depend on the type of project and the desired finished effect.

Advantages of stamping directly onto the card:
  • It is quicker to do
  • This is good for simple and uncluttered designs
  • Less paper or cardstock is required
Advantages of stamping onto paper or cardstock first:
  • An unclear or uneven stamped image will not result in the card being ruined
  • Multiple stamped images or collage effects can be achieved without the need to mask images
  • A good way to use up odds and ends
  • This is particularly effective for layering to give 3d or textured finishes

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