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Saturday, 11 July 2015

SPECIAL OFFER until next Friday night


Susan and Brian here together for a change

Now, this is a SPECIAL OFFER until next Friday night

All this week, you can buy 5 cards from anywhere on our site for just £10----YES, you read this right------£2 each on average

Believe me my friends , these are special

Have completed some new cards just yesterday and I am going to show you the standard of my work

Site can be found at

Join us on Facebook and be amongst the best

Now for my usual crafting tip:

 Handmade or decorated ceramics, glasses, figurines, and cloth items.
If you have an artistic knack, buy a plain set of white ceramic figurines, clear glasses or mugs and decorate them. By using a bottle of ceramic paint, you can decorate or colour by hand the figurine. You can also draw season-inspired themes on clear glasses to make them extraordinary or you can buy a simple set of fabric paint to decorate mugs, shirts, and small cloth items. 

Talk soon

Susan and Brian