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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Custom and handmade stationeries:


Middle of the week day

I'm putting up some of my cards that fall in the 'Humorous' category

See if you like them

                                            This one is £4 plus £1 postage worldwide

                              This one is cheaper and is £3 plus £1 postage worldwide---t is whats known as                                           a 'rocker' card

We charge the same postage whether you are in London, Australia or Alaska

Bet you dont know many people that do that !!

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2. Custom and handmade stationeries:

Combine unused ordinary envelopes, colourful bond papers, and unique speciality papers and you can create a custom-made stationary perfect for your recipient. You can also use coloured pencils, watercolours, and glitters to decorate your special stationary. You may even put shiny glitters and even put your recipient's favourite scent to it to make sure that he or she will really like it. 

Well, will see you tomorrow for some more ideas and tips

Sleep well