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Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Susan back again about handmade gifts

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Handmade gifts are not just for your close friends or families, it could be for co-workers, for children, babies, it is for everybody!  You can try making your own gifts which would make a touching gift for the receiver.  There are also crafts store where you can order custom-made gifts or choose from their selection. 

What are great handmade gifts for different occasions and people?  Here are some ideas/ or suggestions of what would be ideal for different types of people.

• Babies  and Children

There are a lot of items you can give to those who are expecting babies.  Personalized clothes, blankets, quilts and crib sheets can be given.  You can also try sewing a simply-designed wall hangings which would be totally great for the nursery.  Another thing that can be added in the nursery would be framed embroidery or a cross-stitched pattern.

Handmade toys and other products for babies and children have an edge compared to products that you can just take out during a shopping spree.  Handmade children items are unique and less likely to have a similar toy or product. Since children, especially toddlers, tend to be al little rough with their toys, handmade toys are less likely to break.  Handmade toys and crafts are designed to last for a long time.

Children would also get a sense of appreciation for handcrafted art.  They can even by inspired by the gifts to pursue their own creativity and artistry.  

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