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Friday, 5 August 2011

Faded away, forever lost in time. The good old days. The FANTASTIC fifties

Do you remember the wringer washing machine, the big standing radios and life without a dish washer? I remember, because I was  raised in the 50’s. I feel that the fifties were the greatest years to be alive. A time  when we were one nation under one God.
Kids  played outside, and actualy used their imaginations, a stick became a horse, a airplane made from a sheet of paper. The  Tiny Tears and Betsey Wetsie dolls became hits. Girls played hop-scotch, jump rope and jacks, while the boys played with their tops, Yoyo’s and traded  base ball cards. My brother even taught me to play marbles.
A time when just 10d would buy a bag of potato chips, RC Cola and a Moon Pie. Penny loafers, Bobby Socks were in style. A time when we knew our neighbors. When people sat on their porches at night, while the kids played and caught lightning bugs.
I sometimes wonder, if my mom who died in the 70s, could see the world today  in 2011, what her  reaction would be. Computers, IPads, IPhones etc.
Nudity.vulgar language and filth pouring out of Hollywood into our own living rooms, evil that would offend even the vilest people from the fifties.
Gone are the days of simple toys, cheap candy. Nothing comes cheap in this generation.
Even God has been degraded or replaced by idol gods brought into our country by religions not known  ,setting up their temples.
Faded away, forever lost in time. The good old days. The fifties