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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Home Sentinel 5 in 1 (Upgrated) Indoor Pest, Insect, Spider Control, & Rodent, Rat, Mouse Repeller (UK Plug)

Home Sentinel 5 in 1 (Upgrated) Indoor Pest, Insect, Spider Control, & Rodent, Rat, Mouse Repeller (UK Plug) Most Advanced Home Pest Control Equipment for Whole House 100% Safe for the humans and Pets while being effective Pest Controller Deterrent against Spiders, Mice, Moths, Ants, Bugs, Fleas

·                        INVISIBLE SHIELD: Using three high-powered technologies, the Home Sentinel creates an invisible shield to protect your home from rats, mice, spiders, ants, roaches and more. You won't hear a thing as pets are driven from your home by the combined power of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technology.
·                        PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Aspectek's Home Sentinel is the only device with electro-magnetic - essential for driving pests from your home. Other products claim they have electro-magnetic, but they don't. Without it, pests hide from the ultrasonic, but stay in the house. Electro-magnetic vibrations signal to pests that an earthquake is on the way. They'll get out and stay out.
·                        CHEMICAL-FREE PEST CONTROL: Safe and maintenance free. Plug the Home Sentinel into the wall and enjoy non-toxic, humane and harmless pest control. The LED lights will let you know that the Sentinel is working while you enjoy a quiet and pest-free home.
·                        TWO BONUS FEATURES: The Home Sentinel features a NIGHT LIGHT that you can turn off or set to turn on automatically when the lights go out. It also has a PET FRIENDLY setting, which enables you to use the device without disturbing your pets.
·                        TOTAL PROTECTION: Don't be fooled by imitators. The Home Sentinel is the original indoor ultrasonic pest repeller and the only one with three powerful pest controlling functions. Ultrasonic alone is not enough to rid pests from your home. The Home Sentinel provides Total Protection, guaranteed.

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